Shopify re-buy links and images

A customer you already have is the easiest sale to make again.

Perfect for:

How it works:

  1. Use HiBub to create a link for a product variant
  2. We create a short/unique URL (ex: just for YOUR STORE ITEM
  3. We also create an image with both the link & a QR code
  4. Put your link or code on package labels, add to invoices, or include in newsletters/emails
  5. When the code is scanned or link is clicked/entered we forward the user to your store
  6. When Shopify loads, the customer is in their shopping cart AT YOUR STORE with that item already added to it! They don't have to search for it or figure out where to find it
  7. They check out.
  8. You just made another sale with little work.

Why does it work?

If you run a good store, you are probably doing everything you can to get your customers to come back. But they aren't going to read every email you send them. People get busy. But one thing they will do is look at the products they bought from you.

Imagine you sell premium coffee in your store.

If you put a HiBub label directly on the bag, your customer sees it. When the bag is empty, they see it again. And instead of having to log into Shopify or search their e-mails for that same product again, they either scan the QR code with an app on their phone or visit the short & simple Hibub link on the label. They are instantly taken to the shopping cart for YOUR shopify store with that exact product already added.

They can continue with checkout or browse for more items while they are there.

See the difference between HiBub and other forms of marketing?

With Hibub it took very little work from you. There were no emails to send, newsletters to draft, or phone calls to make. Your advertising for a potential return sale only cost a few cents of applying a label to a product or including it on marketing literature.

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