Getting Started

Why isn't my Shop or Product name showing up on the HiBub Label?

QR codes need space around them to be read accurately by scanners. Crowding the code increases the chances it won't be read, so we limit the number of characters to make everything legible (by cameras as well as humans).

Shop names over 45 characters and product titles over 30 characters will not be included on the images we generate. If you need them to show up, try shortening them before creating HiBub links.

Can I request a certain HiBub shortening code?

We do not offer custom HiBub codes.

Each code is randomly generated to prevent abuse and ensure a fair process for all users.

What if I don't like my HiBub short code?

You are under no obligation to use any certain code; they are generated randomly.

If a code is generated you don't like, find offensive, or accidentally conflicts with your product, delete it and generate a new one. If you haven't used a code yet, there's no harm in deleting it.

What happens when I delete a HiBub link?

Deleting HiBub links is permanent and not reversible!

If you have been using the link on products, it will not work anymore and you'll likely never be able to use it again for that product variant. The chances you'll be able to re-generate the same code for the same product is improbable. If someone tries to use a code that isn't connected to a Shopify product variant, they'll end up the HiBub website.

The point of HiBub links is that they are easy to remember and will always work for ANY shopper. Keeping them active is what makes them effective. So once you create a HiBub link for a product, use it on that product every time to increase the chance someone will want to buy it again.

Can I add links in bulk?

We don't offer bulk HiBub links because not all products are right for HiBub links.

Products that a single customer will buy over and over again are perfect for HiBub. Tuxedos would be the type of product that WOULD NOT be a good fit for HiBub. No one buys a tux every week, month, or even year! But things like candles, coffee, household supplies, makeup, etc are routinely re-purchased when someone finds something they like.

Having to create HiBub links one at a time makes it more likely merchants are choosing the right products for HiBub. We don't want to use up short links on products that aren't right for the platform.